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Resistance Training Systems

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Resistance Training Systems

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At in home personal training sessions I often utilize resistance training systems such as multiple set training, supersets, tri-sets and giant sets.

Multiple sets is the most common and is very popular to use. Its 3-6 sets of an exercise going heavy or light, resting between 20 seconds to 4 minutes depending on the weight resistance and reps used during the exercise. Going light 12-20 reps, heavy 4-10 reps.

Super sets are often used if you are a little bit in a hurry and also want to get a good muscle pump. You can super set on the same muscle groups or opposing muscle groups and the rest periods are always very short.

Tri-sets are 3 exercises in a row,such as chest, shoulders and arms and of course you can do the same muscle groups as well with no rest in between.

The giant set is 4-6 exercises in a row, intense and crazy this can be, no rest in between and abs is usually one of the exercises. Once again you can do it with same exercises and etc. These are also ways of breaking strength plateaus as well.

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