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Cassidy p.
I've been a client of Jason's for 3 years. He is highly experienced and extremely invested in helping you build strength, achieve personal goals, and rehab injuries. Jason is always dependable, keeps work outs varied, and takes tremendous pride in delivering the experience you want. No need to find an excuse to skip a work out, Jason makes an hour feel like no biggie, while ensuring you get the mental and physical boost you need. Give Jason a try!

Isabel A.
Jason has been a great trainer so far! He kicks my ass every session and I am left very sore and feeling great the following couple days.

Veronica D.
An amazing trainer. I'd still be with him if we hadn't moved. Punctual respectful and I got the results I was looking for. I would highly recommend him.

Andreas L.
Great efficient workout. Without him I wouldn't keep going. He is challenging me every single workout. Just awesome.

Safir M.
Great commitment towards training. Really accomodating and flexible

Bryant W.
Extremely dependable reliable and the work out is intense. Makes me feel great

Sheena S.
Great trainer that really knows what he's doing especially when it comes to heavy lifting. When I first started last summer with him, I could see a noticeable difference (Esp my arms) in muscle definition within a month. Offered advice on diet and other exercises to work on throughout the week. He also offers a great price for personal training and isn't flakey on the sessions. An all around awesome and reliable trainer.

Amanda L.
Jason has been training my husband and I three days a week for 6+ months. During that time we have each lost 30+ pounds. Our energy and attitude has shifted. Shopping for a new wardrobe is fun but the energy difference, the clarity/focus impact on performance at work has more than paid for our training. We are grateful. He is responsive, on time and encouraging. We still get sore from the workouts because he is always pushing us and changing things up!

Cassidy B.
Private Fitness Coaching (for couples) Jason is awesome! Totally motivating and not overly enthusiastic. Jason provides very personalized strength training, with a different work out designed for every session. The whole experience has exceeded my expectations, leaving me looking forward to the next time after each session, and with results I'm proud of. Work with Jason, you'll be very happy you do.

Tracy B.
I found Jason Trammell on Thumbtack in June. I am very pleased with the results I have achieved under his guidance. I was 430 lbs and no one would train me because of my size. I lost a 100 lbs in 4 months. I was unable to move very well and Jason scaled down all the exercises to my fitness level. He also motivated me beyond what I thought was possible. Jason encouraged me to make positive changes in eating habits and to be more active. I still have a ways to go but I am confident if I stick with Jason's routine I will reach my goal by the spring!

Veronica B.
Very professional and effective! He's always booked but will always make time for you. Knows all the tricks and changes up the work outs so you don't get bored doing the same thing over & over. Super nice & really down to earth!


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