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Getting Max Results Doing Forced Reps

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Getting Max Results Doing Forced Reps

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This is Jason the trainer, and I am going to help you get really strong on your bench press or any other type of lift you desire.

So let's start with the bench press. The best way to get a really good max bench is to put more weight than you can handle with a spotter assisting you with the lift, which is called are called forced reps.

For example:

Let's say your max bench is 250 pounds. The best way is to do your regular chest workout going heavy on bench press, incline and pec deck. Then at the end of your chest workout put about 270-280 pounds on your bench press and have your spotter help you like about 80% of the lift, doing about 4-6 reps, and resting 3-4 minutes in between sets with 3 sets total!

Do this for about 3-6 months and each time you do this every week you should get stronger and stronger and then you will finally bench that weight.

Now you can also do this with bicep curls, shoulder presses, lat pull downs, but I would not do forced reps with squats because it would put way too much pressure on your knees and lower back.

If you do forced reps with squats make sure you wear a belt to keep your lower back tight and wear straps for your knees as well.

Forced reps are great for people in there 20's. If you are in your 30's and 40's and you have never done forced reps before, you should be fine doing these lifts like once or twice a month.

I am a 6'2" 185 pound ectomorph which is a long and lean person with long arms and forced reps has helped me get to a 315 max bench press!

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Check back next month for another Trammell's Health & Fitness Tip to help you reach your fitness and nutrition goals!

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