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Body Types - Ectomorphs

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Body Types - Ectomorphs

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Ectomorphs, by nature, are people who are to have longer, thinner muscles then other body types. Ectomorphs have a very hard time gaining weight and putting on a lot of muscle size.

One of the reasons that ectomorphs have a naturally low amount of body fat is because the metabolism tends to be faster than that of a mesomorph or endomorph. This enables ectomorphs to burn more calories then other body types, even at rest.

Ectomorphs should generally workout 3-4 times a week. These workouts should consist of cardio, muscle toning exercises, and stretching.

In addition, ectomorphs really excel in sports such as basketball, baseball, ballet, cycling, swimming, track & field, and volleyball. So when you think ectomorph think of a model and Lance Armstrong.

Despite having long, lean muscles, ectomorphs can gain weight with age if they don't exercise. The reason for ectomorphs gaining weight with age is because as one gets older, the metabolism slows down. Ectomorphs can keep the metabolism high by eating smart and exercising regularly.

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