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MULTIVITAMINS/MINERAL- Since kids need so many nutrients, it's best to choose a well designed, whole foods multi vitamin. Children under the age of 13 should take a formula designed for kids. Teens can take half of the doses of most adult formulas. Multi vitamins don't always contain enough vitamin D or bone supporting minerals, so additional supplementation is always necessary. Menstruating girls need extra iron, around 15 mg per day.

VITAMIN D- For kids, it's very critical for building strong bones and supporting immune health, and may help prevent depression during winter months. Many kids are deficient, especially since the bulk of their days during the school year are spent inside, so supplements are important. Recommended dosages range from 500-2000 IU per day.

ZINC- This Trace mineral is critical for growth and healthy immune function, and for sexual development and puberty. If your child doesn't eat meat or seafood, he or she may need supplements. Recommended dosage range from 4-11 mg of zinc per day depending on their age.

BONE SUPPLEMENTS- If your kids and teens don't eat dairy or lots of veggies, make sure they take the nutrients they need for strong teeth and bones. Kids 1-3 need 700 mg of calcium a day, kids 4-8 need 1000 mg and those 9 on up need 1300 mg. Look for a calcium supplement that includes these amounts, along with magnesium, vitamin K and vitamin D. If your kids not getting enough from other sources.

OMEGA-3s- This is very important for kids and teens, omega 3s may improve ADHD symptoms in kids under 12. They are also essential for reducing diabetes risk, improving asthma symptoms, and protecting against depression. Recommended doses range from 300-1000 mg per day. Be sure you choose a high-quality formula that tested for impurities. So this would be the article, thanks!


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