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The Yellow Jacket

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The Yellow Jacket

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The yellow jacket is a plastic surgery term for the subcutaneous fatty layer that surrounds your body just under your skin. Your body's fat is a repository of stored energy that is utilized by your organs and muscles as fuel.

The energy utilization of your organs, however, remains relatively low versus the utilization of your muscles which use up to a thousand fold more energy during intense activity. The more muscle mass you have, the more fuel you burn each time you work out.

In addition, while you are at rest, your muscles which are metabolically active (especially if they are growing in response to resistance training) continues to burn fat.

Many athletes can eat just about whatever they want and not pile on the pounds because of their high percentage of muscle mass.

The bottom line is that if you eat low fat, healthy foods and perform resistance training exercises regularly, your yellow jacket will melt away. Add aerobic exercise to your program and you will never have to worry about liposuction.

As you can see, when you increase your muscle mass, your body works harder and exerts more energy in all your daily activities. This increased energy output means that you are burning more calories then when you had less muscle mass.

The end result is you lose fat both by decreasing your oveall body fat and increasing your muscle mass.

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