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The Turkish Get Up Exercise

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The Turkish Get Up Exercise

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  1. Cradle and grip the kettle ball - Place the kettle bell next to the shoulder on the side you are working, roll to your side and cradle the kettle bell with both hands. The working hand grips the kettle bell, and the opposite hand covers it. Roll onto your back and place the kettle bell on your stomach.

  2. Press the kettle ball overhead - Move the kettle bell so the arm is perpendicular to the floor, either using one hand or both. Some people choose to add a single arm press, especially once the weights get heavy. A two handed pistol grip press is just fine. Lock out the elbow and pull the loaded shoulder in its socket. Bend the knee on the other side of the body holding the kettle bell. Place the opposite arm on the floor approximately 45 degrees from the body

  3. Roll up on the elbow then the hand - Take a deep breath and hold it. Drive from the front on the working side, roll up onto your elbow and exhale. Once you are stable at the elbow, roll up onto your hand. Dont skip step 3 and go straight to the hand.

  4. Lift the hips -Squeeze your glutes and lift your hips off the ground high enough to be able to move your outstretched leg under your body. Support yourself on the arm, the heel of the straight leg and the surface of your flat foot. Keep your arm extended totally vertically.

  5. Sweep the leg and find a lunge - Take your straight leg and pull or sweep your body, placing it next to and behind the hand on the floor. You will end up in a position that makes your legs appear to be 90 degrees from each other. One knee will be pointing straight ahead and the other should point directly at the hand on the floor. keep your neck rotated upward, looking up at the kettle bell in your hand.

  6. Stand up from the lunge - Take your support hand off the floor and move your body upright, keeping the kettle bell overhead. At this point, shift your gaze so you are looking straight ahead. Move the leg thats on the ground so that both legs are now parallel to each other, in a lunge position, Drive from your back foot, through your hips, and into your front foot, standing up from the lunge. Keep looking forward.

  7. Descend from the lunge and get down - While still looking forward, step back into the lunge so that your knee is on the floor. The back leg to perpendicular from the front leg. Fold into your hips and place your hand just in front of the knee on the floor. Stick your leg straight out in front of you and put your butt on the floor. Roll down to your elbow and then down onto shoulder and back. Lower the kettle bell with 2 hands to your stomach, then roll to your side and place the weight on the floor. This exercise will take a while to learn and master.

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