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The Plateau Breaker For Legs

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The Plateau Breaker For Legs

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So you tired of doing the same old thing like lunges, squats, leg extensions and hack squats? Well try doing a giant set called the plateau breaker for legs.

For example:

  • you can do walking lunges with dumbells for a 2 second pause all the way down to the other end
  • then do ball squats with dumbells doing reps of 15-20 reps
  • then spiderman crawl all the way down and back
  • then do ball squats again with dumbells
  • then going back do regular lunges with dumbells.

Do 5-6 sets with 60-90 seconds of rest.

I promise you your legs will be sore for the whole week; good sore that is.

You can modify it as much as you want like doing:

  • hop squats
  • squat thrusts
  • then do ball squats
  • then spiderman crawl back

You can use duck walks as well as bear crawls too.

Now does this sound like a lot of fun or what? LOL LOL!

Enjoy the gains with this workout!

More Tips Coming Soon . . .

Check back next month for another Trammell's Health & Fitness Tip to help you reach your fitness and nutrition goals!

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