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The Jackknife

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This is a great workout I like to utilize during training sessions at Snap Fitness in Lake Oswego! Standing behind the ball, crouch down and place your abdomen on top of the ball. Roll forward until your hands reach the floor in front of the ball. Walk your hands out until your feet remain on top of the ball. Contract the core to hold strong link. Your body should be in a straight and firm line from feet to head. From the prone position pushup position, keep the legs straight and bend at the waist so the hips elevate and the knees move closer to the torso of the ball. This moves the ball towards your hands. Keep the speed of movement under control. Extend your legs to move the ball back to the start position. At this point at the end of each rep, your body should be linked with strong contractions forming one level, straight line. This is a great way to work your ab region and something to your ab routine.

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