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The Cheat Sheet

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The Cheat Sheet

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Cheating done right with a plan can quell cravings and actually help your physique continue to progress into greatness and here is how.

  1. BOOST YOUR METABOLISM - Many diets in low carb,low fat involve some degree of calorie restriction. After a period, your brain thinks you are in starvation mode and sends out signals telling your body to put the brakes on calorie burning metabolism and to hold on to reserves in case of an emergency. This sluggish metabolism is not desirable. A break from dieting can interrupt this slowdown by tossing your body the metabolic curveball of having to work harder to deal with extra calories or certain macronutrients. This shock to the system keeps your metabolism revved for additional fat burning.

  2. BOOST YOUR HORMONES - Moderate amounts of dietary cheating can help restore levels of leptin, a metabolism-revving, fat burning hormone involved in sensations of hunger and satiety. Leptin has a tendency to fall when calorie intake drops,thereby slowing fat loss. Biologically, this makes sense. If you are low on calories, your body releases less leptin to conserve what precious energy it has. Nosh on more calories,though and leptin levels are likely to rise,switching off stomach growling and turning up the metabolic furnace. The hormone insulin-like growth factor-1 which supports muscle growth, also may drop during periods of strict eating.

  3. BOOST YOUR NUTRITION - Cheating on foods that are not part of your diet can help you take in vital nutrients that you might be missing out. Carbohydrate rich foods like whole grains and fruit contain certain vitamins and antioxidants that support muscular recovery and growth and are not present in high protein fare like tuna and steak.

  4. BOOST YOUR ENERGY - Extended periods of hardcore dieting involving calorie restriction or cutting down on certain macronutrients can leave you feeling sluggish during workouts as energy stores become taxed. The upshot is that you may not always have the energy to push around serious weight. Occasional cheating can help replenish energy stores such as muscle glycogen,which will give you more ability to train hard. Paradoxically you may feel incredibly spry the day after a cheat meal.

  5. BOOST YOUR DIETING SUCCESS - Allowing room for cheating in your diet program provides a much needed mental break from what is often an unexciting and repetitive meal plan. Planned cheat meals can be something to look forward to, which will help you keep your sanity lol during strict eating so you dont completely lose it!

Structuring your diet to include cheating will make you feel less ashamed on doing it. So we are all in luck, which is there is room for having a 6 pack and your favorite food which mine is pizza.

More Tips Coming Soon . . .

Check back next month for another Trammell's Health & Fitness Tip to help you reach your fitness and nutrition goals!

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