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The Calcium-Magnesium Partnership

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The Calcium-Magnesium Partnership

These 2 minerals are somewhat like the opposite ends of a dimmer switch. Calcium gives bones their hardness and makes things happen by exciting nerves, contracting muscles, and contributing to the inflammation necessary to fight injury. Magnesium gives bones some flexibility, keeps them from becoming brittle, and has a relaxing effect, calming the nerves and muscles and reducing inflammation. Calcium is necessary for blood to clot so that wounds can heal, while magnesium prevents harmful clots and keeps blood flowing. The benefits from magnesium are it helps with sleep, less risk of asthma, protection against type 2 diabetes, less depression, relief from symptoms of fibromyalgia, protection against hearing loss from very loud noise, lower blood pressure, fewer and shorter migraine headaches, relief from PMS, lower odds of irregular heart rhythm, and less risk of osteoporosis.


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