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Tapioca Starch

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Tapioca Starch

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Tapioca starch is a starchy white flour that has a slight sweet flavor to it. Tapioca starch is an alternative to traditional wheat flours and has a variety of uses in baking.

  • The flour is made from the starch extracted from the south american cassava plant. when the roots have fully developed, they are harvested and processed to remove toxins.

  • The starch is then extracted fro the root by a repeated process of washing and pulping the mixture then separating off the liquid tapioca flour helps bind gluten free recipes and improves the texture of baked goods.

Tapioca helps add crispness to crusts and chew to baked goods. Tapioca flour is extremely smooth flour which make for a greater thickener in sauces, pies and soups since it never discolors and contains no discernable taste and smell.

Use in combination with other gluten free flours for best results.

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