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Stretching Types

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Stretching Types

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Passive stretching is mainly for lengthening the elastic portion of your muscle and to increase flexibility. This is done passively to restore the normal range of motion to a joint or muscle that has lost substantial amount of soft tissue. This form of stretching is most frequently used by physical therapists or personal trainers. This stretch should be held for about 10-30 seconds.

Passive active stretching is similar to passive stretching because it uses an outside force to assist you in stretching a muscle. The difference is that you attempt to hold the stretch by contracting your muscle isometrically for a few seconds contracting your muscle against the immovable force. This type of stretch can help strengthen the muscle opposite of the muscle you are stretching.

PNF stretching entails stimulation of the neuromuscular mechanism by proprioceptors,which are little organs that hang out in your tendons. They monitor tension and stretch,then send feedback to your brain. Your muscle is stretched to the point of limitation in a PNF technique. One method of using this technique is to isometrically contract the muscle prior to an extensive stretch, then continue by stretching the muscle until it has reached its limitation, and hold it for approximately 10 seconds.

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