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Relief for Nighttime Cramps

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Relief for Nighttime Cramps

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To alleviate a leg cramp at night:

  • Flex your foot up
  • Point toes at the ceiling and hold until the cramping stops
  • Or stand up, bend your knee and place your weight on the affected leg for a few minutes, this stretches the calf muscle
  • A heating pad or ice pack may provide some relief

To prevent cramps:

  • Drink 6-8 glasses of water daily so you do not become dehydrated
  • Loosen bed covers so toes do not point downward while you sleep
  • Stretch your calf muscle regularly during the day
  • Riding a staionary bike before bed and regular aquatic exercise may also help

Also tonic water fights leg cramps. If you get leg cramps during the day, try drinking tonic water before bedtime. It contains quinine which is a muscle relaxant that can be effective against leg cramps. An 8 ounce glass of tonic water contains 27 milligrams of quinine which is enough to relieve cramps in many people. Add orange juice or lemon to tonic water to make it taste less bitter.

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