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Portion Patrol

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Portion Patrol

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If you are like most active people, you find yourself eating fewer home cooked meals and buying more meals prepared away from home. In fact, compared to 1970, we are eating away from home twice as often and are eating two-five times more portions. Lets take a look at some of the differences between calorie consumption then and now.

The once 8 ounce portion of soda available at 7 eleven stores is now a 64 ounce double gulp which is 600 calories.

Today's muffin with at least 400 calories is double the official portion a 2 ounce muffin.

The now common 20 ounce porterhouse steak easily fills fat cells with about 1100 calories. Add the rest of the dinner baked potato and salad and you have enough fuel for the entire day.

To no surprise, this increase in restaurant eating and portion size parallels Americas rise in obesity and we are getting fatter day by day!

So what can you do in this fattening environment? Obviously you can order smaller portions and share meals. You can request changes to the menu. With consumer requests, the food industry might offer value meals with healthier and smaller side dishes, more grilled items and more whole grain rolls. You could also ask for calories to be posted on the menu, next to the price.

In all honesty we as a country need to be more disciplined with our eating habits and quit eating out so much! Plus you will save a lot more money, look a lot better, feel a lot better by cooking home cooked meals. But do it by spacing it out with 6 medium size meals daily for energy all day long so you do not have any muscle loss.

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