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As your Portland Personal Trainer we all know that protein is the building blocks in our bodies. It helps retain muscle mass and helps your muscles look better and fuller as well. If you are not already ingesting excess calories, an easy way to ensure against protein insufficiency is a concentrated powder made form high quality organic peas. Studies have shown that older adults may need anywhere from 11%-250% more protein than adults in general. Protein is essential as a supply of amino acids. These proteins are transformed into functional proteins that take care of almost every physiologic need from cell structure to waste clearance. Sufficient amounts of protein are needed to inhibit sarcopenia , the age related muscle loss that boosts the risk of frailty, falls and disability. But whey, egg and soy protein supplements may be off limits for those who are allergic to dairy, egg, or soy or are lactose intolerant, vegetarian or vegan.
Pea protein Powder provides low fat protein with high digestibility, free of dairy, egg, soy, lactose, gluten and sugar. This Plant based protein contains muscle promoting branched chained amino acids and glutamine that can help avert age related muscle loss and promote recovery from exercise.

  • BETA GLUCAN FIBER- Which supports healthy cholesterol and postprandial blood sugar.

  • AGAVE INSULIN AND FOS- Prebiotics that support digestive and immune health

  • BRANCHED CHAINED AMINO ACIDS- Helps promote muscle synthesis

  • GLUTAMINE- It is key amino acid in a number of metabolic functions.

Pea protein has BCAA values comparable to the gold standard of protein supplements such as whey, egg and casein, it provides significantly higher amounts of arginine, which is essential for nitric oxide synthesis. Also pea protein helps with weight loss, stronger and healthier heart, and lowers blood sugar as well.


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