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Nutrients That Fight Brain Drain

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Nutrients That Fight Brain Drain

  1. CITICOLINE - Is a chemical that occurs naturally in the brain and is involved in the synthesis of phosphatidylcholine, a compound in the brain that is important for memory and proper neurological function. Levels naturally decline with age, but citicoline supplements can help improve mental acuity and slow brain aging. It can stabilize cell membranes, reduce free radical damage and neurons, and treat chronic cerebrovascular disorders. Citicoline can improve memory, treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADAD, enhance recovery from stroke, prevent cognitive deterioration, and reduce or delay the onset of dementia.

  2. BILBERRY - Bilberry is known to help eyesight but also known to help the brain as well. Bilberry is thought to enhance brain health by promoting blood flow, a function of its high concentration of anthocyanins, antioxidants that increase capillary strength and enhance circulation. Bilberry helps improve brain function, protects against stroke and enhances neurotransmission, and may also provide some protection against Alzheimers disease.

  3. APOAEQUORIN - A protein that occurs in certain species of jellyfish, has been shown to improve several areas of cognitive function and brain health. Originally discovered in jellyfish and derived from man made sources, apoaequorin is thought to work by binding to calcium. Brain cells require a specific balance of calcium to be healthy, but too much can lead to impaired neuronal function and eventually neuron death. By binding to calcium, apoaequorin prevents further accumulation of calcium deposits in the brain. It also supports cognitive function and tasks, including learning, word recall and short term memory. It also can improve sleep, mood and can protect against certain kinds of stroke as well.


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