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McGill Side Raise with Static Hip Adduction

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McGill Side Raise with Static Hip Adduction

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As a personal trainer I often utilize this technique at the gym I train at, Snap Fitness in Lake Oswego, by telling clients to lie sideways on a mat with your elbow propping up your body. You should have your body set so you are supported laterally. Place a stability ball between your feet and squeeze to fire your adductors on your hips, engage your core, and laterally lift your body off the floor, maintaining the adductor contraction of the ball. There should be a fairly straight line from your ear to shoulder, hips, and knees. Hold the contracted position 1-2 seconds. After holding the contracted position, lower yourself back to the starting position. As you lower your hips back down,do not allow your body to rest. At about a centimeter from the floor, begin your next lift. Repeat on the opposite side after reps are completed.

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