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Machines vs Free Weights

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Machines vs Free Weights

Exercises can typically be done in two different ways, by using machines or by using free weights. Machines are... well... machines. Free weights usually refer to dumbbells and barbells. While both can be effective, free weights are better for the purpose of increasing muscle and strength. As your personal trainer, I will design a program that best fits your needs and long term goals. Let me explain the difference of machines vs free weights.

Machines are designed in such a way that they do part of the work for you. They keep the weight stable. The machine puts everything in a constant stable position that allows you to only have to move the weight from point A to point B. Machines are a great starting point before moving on to free weights. Together, I will teach you proper form using the machines. Even with the machines, injuries can occur. Proper form is essential before advancing to free weights.

Free weights on the other hand are just those... free weights. They are weights that aren't being held in place by anything except you. Free weight exercises require you to not only move the weight from point A to point B, but to also keep the weight stable throughout the entire movement. Doing so requires the use of additional stabilizer muscles which would not be used had you done the exercise on a machine. Risk of injury is much higher with free weights, thus proper form must be employed at all times.

Again, both are effective and can be used in your workout routine. Is one better than the other for gaining muscle? Yes... free weights, but not until I get you to master proper form. As your personal trainer, your safety is my highest priority. Most people that join a gym and attempt to workout are not using proper form. Therefore their workouts are not as effective, they also risk personal injury. As your trainer, you will learn how to target each muscle group effectively and safely. This will make the most of your time and energy.


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