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Iron 101 Basic Weight Training

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Iron 101 Basic Weight Training

Personal Training for the Beginner to Advanced

Trammell Fitness - Basic Weight TrainingIf you want to lose fat or change your body, one of the most important things you can do is lift weights. When it comes to how the body looks, weight training wins hands down. Diet and cardio also play a huge role but pushing the iron will mold the body. If you hesitated to start strength training, it may motivate you to know the lifting weights can:

  • Help raise your metabolism. Muscle burns more calories that fat, so the more muscle you have, the calories you'll burn all day long.
  • Strengthen bones, especially important for women
  • Makes you stronger, which will increase your endurance
  • Helps you avoid injuries from day to day life
  • Increases your self-esteem and over all confidence
  • Improves coordination and balance

Getting started with strength training can be confusing. This is why a personal trainer comes into play. How many sets and rep? What exercises should you do? How much weight? I am doing this correctly? Will I harm myself? Do I need a spotter? The routine that I, as your trainer, will design will be based on many factors. Time, safety and your goals, all play a role in the design.

The Basics

As your personal trainer, I will be setting up your own program, employing strength training principles. These principles will teach you how to make sure you're using enough weight, determine your number of sets and reps and insure that you are always progressing in your workouts. Proper forum is the key roll also.

  1. Overload: To build muscle, you need to use more resistance than your muscles are used to. This is important because the more you do, the more the body is capable of doing, so we will be increasing your work load to avoid plateaus. In plain language, this means you will be lifting enough weight that you will be ONLY able to complete the desired number of reps. I will make sure you will be only able to finish your last rep with difficulty, but also good form.

  2. Progression: To avoid plateaus, I will increase your intensity regularly. We will be doing this by increasing the amount of weight lifted, changing your sets/reps, changing the exercises and changing the type of resistance. This will be done on a weekly or monthly basis.

  3. Specificity: This principle means, we are training for your goal. That means, if you want to increase your strength, your program will be designed around that goal. To lose weight, we will choose a variety of rep ranges to target different muscle fibers.

  4. Rest and Recovery: Rest days are just as important as workout days. It is during these rest periods that your muscles grow and change. I will never work the same muscle group two days in a row.

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends training each muscle group 2 to 3 times a week. But, the number of times you lift each week will depend on our training method and your time. In order for you muscles to repair and grow, you'll need at least 48 hours of rest between sessions. If you are training at high intensity, we will rest you longer.

My methods are here to work for you and do. Contact me today, so that we can start redesigning and sculpting your body.


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