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If You Think Osteoarthritis Is Inevitable You Are

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If You Think Osteoarthritis Is Inevitable You Are Wrong

Some experts believe that osteoarthritis of the hands, hips, knees and other joints is actually brought on by chemical change in the cartilage of the affected joint, caused in part by important nutrients being flushed out of the cartilage. This makes the cartilage less spongy and more vulnerable to inflammation.

One way to reverse this chemical change is to take 2 specific food supplements such as glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate on a daily basis. These over the counter nutritional supplements help promote the growth of healthy cartilage tissue reversing arthritic symptoms.

In addition to a daily dose of these 2 supplements, the main thing you can do to ward off the symptoms of OA is to exercise.

  • Exercise helps maintain a healthful weight which puts less stress on your joints as you stand and walk.
  • Exercise encourages the flow of nutrient rich lubricating fluids into the cartilage tissue of the joints,helping to repair arthritis related damage caused by the loss of nutrients.
  • Exercise also strengthens the muscle around your joints,providing added support and cushioning for the joints themselves. Also do a lot of stretching when you have osteoarthritis.

Most people with osteoarthritis experience limited flexibility and range of motion in their affected joints. This makes it easy to strain adjoining muscles and tendons, and puts more stress on the other parts of the body that compensate for the inflexible areas. Thats why stretching exercises, done 5 days a week, should be the first step in your fitness program.

Stretching exercises for osteoarthritis are:

  • stretching your chest
  • back and torso
  • upper arm and back
  • hamstring stretch
  • buttocks stretch
  • and calf stretch


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