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Help Your Liver Deliver

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Help Your Liver Deliver

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The first noticeable sign of hepatitis C is fatigue. But it often doesnt come until years after the original infection. Other symptoms of hepatitis C are very similar to flu symptoms, joint aches, muscle pain.loss of appetite, mild fever and more fatigue which lead many people to dismiss their symptoms as something routine.

On top of that, hepatitis C symptoms can ebb and flow and even disappear for a while, so it can be years before a proper diagnosis is made. Cleaning up is a serious viral disease that can lead to permanent liver damage. And the conventional drug treatment is not particularly fun, nor always successful.

Fortunately, there are a number of vitamins and herbs that can help. As a bonus, anything that helps with hepatitis C by definition supports the liver,s o the supplement program outlined here can actually be used by anyone whether or not you have hepatitis C-interested in improving overall liver health.

The single best thing you can do if you have got any form of liver disease, stop drinking. Alcohol puts a strain on the liver that isn't so bad if you are healthy but very lethal when not healthy.

You should also stop taking any products containing acetaminophen, which is the number one cause of emergency room visits for liver failure.

I first learned about the following natural treatment from Burt Berkson. In a published paper, he suggested a basic protocol of three supplements to protect the liver from free radical damage, increase the levels of other fundamental antioxidants and interfere with viral prolifration. This protocol is the core of the natural treatment for hepatitis C.


  1. SELENIUM-Daily selenium supplements appear to suppress the progression of the viral load in patients with HIV infection. It is also essential for those with hepatitis C. As Berkson says selenium acts as a birth control pill to the virus.

  2. Milk thistle-The herb milk thistle is probably the premier liver nutrient. The active ingredient in milk thistle is silymarin,which is believed to be responsible for its medical qualities.

  3. ALPHA-LIPOIC ACID-ALA is a powerful antioxidant that scavenges free radicals, protects cells from damage and helps regenerate vitamins C and E.

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