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The thing about ginger is that it increases the thermic effect of food. When paired with food, ginger,also known more technically as zingiber officinale, has been shown to increase metabolic rate. This means that if you consume it with a meal, your body will naturally burn more of the calories in that meal for energy than it would if you didn't eat the ginger.

The result is that you will store fewer calories as body fat, creating a leaner and meaner physique.

So in addition to burning more calories, consuming ginger also makes you feel more full. You will be less likely to crave bad calories at the wrong time of day, making it easier to keep body fat in check. Because of its anti-inflammatory effects, ginger helps reduce delayed onset muscle soreness known as DOMS!

In two studies, raw ginger and steamed ginger were given to exercisers who performed biceps curls with heavy negatives to incur DOMS. Those who consumed ginger had up to 30% reduced muscle pain and better range of motion. The people who consumed ginger also experienced less inflammatory swelling.

Ginger also comes in many forms:

  • If you would like to go the supplemental route, take 500-2000 milligrams of ginger before, meals.
  • Otherwise,the spice version contains 17 calories per tablespoon and can be cooked into foods or added after the fact.
  • 2 ounces of raw sliced ginger has 19 calories and is considered a great palate cleanser.
  • Ginger also comes in many beverages,but read the nutrition label to make sure you are not getting unwanted calories.

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