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Doing Too Much Cardio

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Doing Too Much Cardio

When it comes to doing too much cardio, mainly with women in gyms lined up on treadmills and ellipticals, going nowhere as they zone out, read magazines, watching TV and chit chatting about whatever with friends lol.

Gym goers spend countless hours performing cardio as a means of burning body fat and losing weight. Unfortunately, most of the time is wasted because this kind of low intensity exercise is far from he most effective way of leaning out.

When most people think of weight loss, they associate it with sweating and believe that running and other forms of cardio are the best way to produce the results they want. One may think the best way is to run harder for longer, but that may actually be more detrimental. Running can at times not only take a toll on your knees, joints and back, but it can potentially cause the body to go into muscle burning mode. At this point, your body is not burning the fat you want.

The key to burning fat and building your body is intensity. Weight training, when performed intensely with sufficient volume, is as effective as anything at increasing your metabolism and getting leaner. Using cardio to burn fat is good, but it needs to be fast paced and challenging.

Intervals are most likely the best for great fat burning results. On a treadmill or stair climber, you want to aim for a sprint of 30-45 seconds followed by a light jog or brisk walk for a good minute. Also known as fartlek interval training!


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