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Diet Myths Debunked

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Diet Myths Debunked

Myth 1 is eating low fat to shed fat.

We believe that because ingredients like sugar and refined carbohydrates often replace the fat in low fat or fat free items like peanut butter to make the product taste better. The upshot is that reduced fat foods like salad dressings and ice cream may have calories nearly on par with the higher fat versions.

Remember that fat is not the enemy and can even be beneficial, as in foods like peanut butter, olive oil, and nuts and seeds. Furthermore, fat can make items more filling which will function to prevent over eating.

Myth 2 artificial sweeteners are sweet news for your 6 pack.

Zero calorie sodas and other artificially sweetened items may seem like a get out of jail card but researchers suggest that consuming too much artificially sweetened items may result in a paradoxical increase in sugar intake and body weight.

A better way is to drink green tea, unsweetened coffee and protein packed low fat milk. The one exception is during prolonged endurance workouts, when you can benefit from the added fast digesting carbohydrates of a sports drink.


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