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Benefits of Pau d'Arco

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Benefits of Pau d'Arco

  1. It may boost weight loss
    As your Portland Personal Trainer you will learn that Pau D'Arco may also aid weight loss. Part of the effect may be from a laxative reaction, as it contains anthraquinones, the same type of laxative constituents as senna and aloe. They indicate that Pau D'Arco attenuates increase in body weight and fatty liver from a high fat diet.
  2. It combats fatigue
    Using Pau D'Arco also helps combat fatigue. They found that a single dose of polyphenol from the bark increased endurance. They also indicated that pau d arco helped protect nerves in Parkinsons disease which is often associated with fatigue.
  3. How to take Pau d'Arco
    Pau D'Arco extract is available in capsule, tincture, and powder forms and the chopped bark can be used to make tea. Take 10-15 grams of the bark simmered in water for 15 minutes and consumed as a tea times per day, but higher doses are often used in natural medicine treatments. You can also find the herb in tea at a health food store.

As a tea Pau d'Arco has a pleasant slight sweet taste. The essential nutrients are selenium, calcium, zinc, vitamins A, B and C, magnesium and Potassium.


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