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Beginners Kettlebell Routine

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Beginners Kettlebell Routine

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As a Portland personal trainer I'd say the exercises included are basic but brutally effective, and form on these moves should be perfected before moving on to a more advanced kettlebell exercises:

  • Cotter the founder of the kettlebell recommends that strong men of 220 pounds or more should use a 53 pound kettlebell and men weighing less than 180 pounds with moderate levels of strength should use a 35 pound kettlebell.

  • Perform the workouts 3 days a week with 1 to 2 days of rest in between workouts.

  • Follow this routine for 4-8 weeks, then either try a more advanced kettlebell program or return to your typical workouts.

If you are returning to traditional bodybuilding training using dumbells, machines and barbells you can incorporate kettlebell exercises into those workouts, as well, for additional training benefits.

Kettlebell exercises like TWO HANDED KETTLEBELL SWING, ONE ARM KETTLEBELL CLEAN AND JERK, HAND TO HAND KETTLEBELL SWING, DOUBLE KETTLEBELL FRONT SQUAT! You can easily find these exercises on YouTube if you need a good visual, love youtube!

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