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Artificially Sweetened Drinks Linked to Higher Str

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Artificially Sweetened Drinks Linked to Higher Stroke Risk

Drinking 2 or more of any kind of artificially sweetened drinks a day is linked to an increase in clot based strokes, heart attacks, and early death in women over 50. More than 81,000 post menopausal women enrolled in the large population in Womens Health Initiative.

While the results dont directly tie diet drinks to stokes, the association raises alarms about how artificial sweeteners might be affecting the body. Not enough research has been done to provide definitive answers, but works in animals suggests that compounds like saccharin and aspartame may compromise the bodies ability to break down glucose properly, and impaired glucose control can lead to diabetes, a risk factor for heart disease and circulatory problems like stroke. The artificial sweeteners may be altering the bacteria living in the gut, which may disrupt the bodies ability to control glucose.

This should be alarming to all fans of people who drink diet drinks.


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