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Alternative Engery Source Such As Carnitine

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Alternative Engery Source Such As Carnitine

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Our bodies make carnitine from the amino acids lysine and methonine, found in proteins, but we may not produce enough when faced with physical challenges,such as exercise.

In particular, anything that stresses the heart, including diabetes, any form of heart disease or precursors to these, increase carnitine demands. And our natural ability to produce carnitine decreases as we get older.

So how does it work? Each of our cells contains mitochondria, tiny components that generate energy for the cell. They are like microscopic furnaces that use fatty acids, broken down fats as fuel. Carnitine acts as a cargo train, transporting the fatty acids to the mitochondria and once the fuel is burned, taking away the byproducts that would be toxic if left in the cell. Without sufficient carnitine, mitochondria can't function optimally and energy suffers.

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