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5 Ways To Combat Fatigue

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5 Ways To Combat Fatigue

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  1. CAFFEINE - Most of you know the benefits of caffeine post workout, but this compound is also an effective and 100% approved all day weapon for combating fatigue. Studies have shown that moderate usage of caffeine of 80-240 milligrams a day, can actually help sustain energy levels, create cognitive alertness and help improve your mood. Just be sure you control your intake because too much caffeine can negate the long term beneficial effects and can cause anxiety,jitters and digestive issues.

  2. MEAL TIMING - As an in home personal trainer I often tell my clients a general rule is to eat 5-6 smaller meals a day rather than loading up on 2-3 high caloric heavy meals a day. Feeding your your body consistently rather than intermittently will help keep your metabolic furnace active and supply you with sustained energy.

  3. LIMIT OR AVOID SIMPLE SUGAR - Studies have shown that overconsumption of simple sugars can cause a burnout effect. Eating too much sugar forces an immediate blood sugar spike, but as it drops, your body goes into crisis mode to balance out again. This can cause extreme lethargy and leave you in a bad mood. Do yourself and everyone else around you a favor and limit your simple sugar consumption to special occasions or cheat meals.

  4. PAY ATTENTION TO PROTEIN - When it comes to eating for energy, the centerpiece of the discussion is usually carbohydrates. But people often forget the impact of another macronutrient called protein. Not getting enough protein can zap energy levels and stall and stunt muscle growth. Daily protein intake should be around 1 gram of protein per body pound for the active individual. If supplementing with protein, be sure to investigate your sources and be sure to use something thats independently verified for quality and purity.

  5. HYDRATION - Not eating enough food is not the only thing you should worry about for fatigue. Not getting enough water can cause fatigue. So when you dont drink enough water you can get drousy,lack of focus and just feel weak. Try to aim at least 8-10 8 ounce cups of water a day to stay hydrated before, during and after you hit the gym. Use a water bottle to remain conscious of how many ounces you are consuming throughout the day.

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