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5 Ways to Clean Up Your Diet

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5 Ways to Clean Up Your Diet

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  1. COOK MORE - Homemade food is almost always better for your body than drive through or takeout. Cooking homemade meals will help you to ensure that you know exactly whats going into your body 24/7.

  2. PREPARE - One good way is to cook a bundle of chicken breasts and sweet potatoes or brown rice each Sunday night, then pack the meals in individual containers and load them into the refrigerator. Keep a few of those packs of pre washed salad on hand, and then a microwave is all that stands between you and a muscle friendly, fast meal.

  3. DRINK MORE - Studies have shown that people who are on a low calorie diets that drink 16 ounces of water before meals lost an average of 15.5 pounds over 3 months and kept it off or lost additional weight after a year of the same program.

  4. THINK GREEN - While you are at it, think red, yellow and orange. Eat more fruits and veggies to get more inflammation-fighting antioxidants. When I think green I think of beans, broccoli, peas and spinach.

  5. ALL DAY PROTEIN - It has been beaten into our heads that we need to flood our bodies with protein before and after workouts. That's because we need it to maximize hypertrophy and recovery and to minimize muscle damage. But whats not talked about enough is the need for all day protein. Instead of mega-portions once or twice a day, spread it out to all meals and snacks and especially after workouts. If you are eating 6-7 meals per day and your protein goal is 175-200 grams per day, that equates to 25-35 grams per protein at each sitting. Use shakes, beef jerky and other lean protein sources to meet this goal.

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