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5 Ways To Build Strength Unconventionally

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5 Ways To Build Strength Unconventionally

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1. Heavy Carries - Heavy carries include, but are not limited to, the yoke sandbags, kegs, farmers walk, frames and other creative objects which are potent builders of all over strength, especially in the glutes, hamstrings, erectors and upper back.

2. Sled Drags - Sled drags take no skill of athleticism and provide numerous benefits including building and strengthening the posterior chain, active recovery, improved knee health and growing general work capacity. Drag a sled twice a week, once heavy and short for hundreds of pounds of hundreds of feet at a time and once light and long about 100 pounds for a mile or more. Stand up tall, walk, reach and pull from heel to toe and thinking about your glutes with each step.

3. Creative One Rep Maxes - Variety is key in any smart performance program. Why? Because when you train the same lifts at or above 90 percent for more than three weeks you'll see diminishing returns. Being creative with your heavy days can allow you to train above 90 percent to continue strength progress every week. So use different bars, add or subtract gear, change your stance, vary the range of motion, add bands and to inject enough variety to go heavy until the end of time.

4. Treat Your Hamstrings Like Biceps- Creating that same enthusiasm with hamstring work is is arguably the quickest way to develop incredible strength. So to end quad dominance because of prevalence of weak hamstrings we see in the general population. In that way, the low hanging of strength gains for most is to improve your numbers by developing those underused, potentially nonexistent hamstrings.

5. Speed Skills- We often forget that there are two main variables in strength performance, how much force we create and how fast we create it. Of course, to get stronger we need to push the boundaries of maximal force, but to get stronger we also need to get faster. Each lift has a built-in shot clock so as you can grind with a weight for only so long. Getting faster means finishing more lifts. Don't neglect plyometric jumps and throws and sprint work when working to increase your rate of force generation.

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