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5 Key Lifestyle Factors For Getting Lean

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5 Key Lifestyle Factors For Getting Lean

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  1. TAPER - As the day progresses, your metabolism slows, so limit your carb intake at your last few meals and eliminate carbs near bedtime.

  2. BE FREQUENT - Keeping portion sizes smaller over 6 to 7 meals and snacks each day ensures that your body gets to use all the ingested nutrients for fuel instead of storing excess as fat.

  3. PAIR WELL - Make sure that you always consume protein with your carbohydrates. This slows the uptake of the carbs and keeps blood sugar levels in check.

  4. PREPARE - Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Nowhere is this more applicable than the get lean crowd. Cook a full array of physique friendly foods, such as chicken breasts and sweet potatoes, at the start of the week, and carry meals and protein powder with you whenever possible.

  5. WATCH - Use the mirror, rather than the scale, as a gauge of how much progress you are making. If things are slower than you like, make adjustments cutting back carbs, adding cardio sessions until you see some progress.

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